Arkodeep Sinha Photographer

Arkadeep Sinha


Hello, my name is Arkadeep Sinha and I have graduated from St Xavier’s College  in 2014 with BMM. My hobbies are gaming and photography which i have taken up as a profession recently. I’m basically a self taught photographer and  always strive to be better each time. I believe in quality over quantity and I’m interested in multiple genres of photography which I’ll try out with time.





Pritam Bose Photographer

Pritam Bose


Hey everyone. Myself Pritam Bose. I am very much passionate about fashion photography and I do all type shoots. I am very much glad to joining this company.





Rupantar Basak Photographer

Rupantar Basak


Hi i’m Rupantar Basak. I am professional photographer. I do wedding shoot, events and fashion photography also. Thank u so much Rabin Ghosh for give me a chance to work with your Company ” Destiny Photoplaza ”





Sambit Mukherjee Photographer

Sambit Mukherjee


Hello I am Sambit Mukherjee. I am a deeply passionate about photography and I am professional photographer. I love to cover events, portfolios, wedding photography and any other photography assignments. I am really graceful and obliged  to as a photographer for destiny photoplaza.